Great Lakes Division

International Association of Fire Chiefs


Chief Mike Stanley
Term Ends August 2025
Oshkosh Fire Department
101 Court Street
Oshkosh, WI 54907
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Mike Stanley is the Fire Chief for the Oshkosh (WI). In 1996, he became a career firefighter with the City of Aurora (CO), and in 2018, Chief Stanley was sworn in as Oshkosh's Fire Chief.

Chief Stanley graduated from Colorado State University with a Master of Education and Human Resources degree. Chief Stanley also possesses the Chief Fire Officer designation from the Center for Public Safety Excellence. He is a past president of the Wisconsin State Fire Chiefs Association.

Chief Stanley has a love for the fire service. He constantly seeks opportunities to advance our profession. Chief Stanley strives to ensure that our firefighters return home from the station happy and healthy and have retirements that last long past when they leave our departments. Together, we can work to create a culture of service, professionalism, and safety.