ICC: Covered by MOU with ICC

  • International Fire Code Development Committee (Group B)
    • Vice Chair, Angie Wiese, City of Saint Paul Fire Dept., Saint Paul, MN


  • Fire Service Membership Council Governing Committes
    • George Michehl, (Great Lakes Division); Term Expires 12/31/2015 (Eligible for 2nd 3 yr apt)


  • Midwestern Regional Work Group (Terms expire 12/31/2016)
    • Robert J. Bates, Great Lakes Division
    • David Cherrone, Great Lakes Division
    • Ed Ruckriegel, Great Lakes Division
    • Laura McCarthy, Great Lakes Division
    • VACANT, Missouri Valley Division (open for a fill)


Other Appointments NOT covered by MOU

  • IAS Technical Advisory Committee – Fire Prevention and Life Safety Department Accreditation Program
    • Chief Martin King


  • ICC Administrative Committee
    • Chair, Michael O’Brian, Brighton Area Fire Authority, Brighton, MI


IAFC Committees:

  • Constitutions, Bylaws and Resolutions Committee
    • Chief Andy Pless, Howell Area Fire Dept., MI


  • Elections Committee
    • Chief Derek Bergsten, Rockford Fire Dept, IL

  • Emergency Management
    • Chief Michael Mavrogeorge, Saint Louis Downtown Airport, IL (ViceChair)