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Air travel is permitted if the meeting location is more than 300 miles from members home. Reimbursement is limited to coach fare on a commercial airline. Mileage reimbursement will be provided at the current federal rate established by the IRS. Members will be reimbursed for travel based upon whichever mode is least expensiveIf driving vs. flying, mileage, per diem, and lodging shall be considered in the total cost of travel in the final determination as to which is most cost effective.



If a Board member drives more than three hundred (300) miles, one way, an additional nights lodging and one day per diem is allowed. Receipt required for lodging.


Per Diem 

The Board will establish the per diem based on the U.S. General Services Administration guidelines. Rates are listed on the Perdiem Rates Look-Up site ( which adjusts per diem based on travel locations. Authorization for payment is made by the Board or by the President in consultation with the Secretary/Treasurer. Miscellaneous Expenses that are reasonable will be considered for approval. Examples include; taxi, tolls, tips, related phone calls, etc.


President - Funds are provided for the President to attend the following:                         

  1. IAFC Leadership Orientation
  2. The Leadership Summit/Strategic Planning Session. 
  3. State Chiefs' Conferences. The President may designate another Board member to attend any State Conference he/she is unable to attend.
  4. Other travel as necessary to conduct the business of the Division. The Board will review all travel costs at its scheduled meetings.
  5. The Division shall furnish the President with two (2) tickets to the Annual Banquet at Fire-Rescue International, upon request.
  6. The Division shall fund the travel of the President or his representative to attend IAFC Board meetings each year.


Vice President  - Funds are available for the Vice President to attend the following:

  1. The Leadership Summit/Strategic Planning Session.
  2. IAFC Leadership Orientation


Secretary/ Treasurer- The Secretary/Treasurer shall receive the following:

  1. Compensation of $650.00 per month.
  2. A $1,500.00 annual educational stipend. Utilization of this account does not require Board authorization.
  3. Travel, lodging, and per diem as authorized and approved by the Board or established in this document.



The Division will provide $225.00 per quarter for maintaing the web site.



The International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) supports all the Directors expenses to attend IAFC functions. The Great Lakes Division (GLD) supports the Director’s expenses for Division functions the same as any other Division Board member. Special travel may be approved by the President in consultation with the Secretary/Treasurer. Reports of such travel are to be submitted to the Board for review. 


IAFC Committees        

The Division will provide up to $400.00 for Committee members to attend IAFC Committee functions. This funding is to help cover travel, lodging, and per diem costs not otherwise covered by IAFC stipend. Receipts and stipend verification are required. Stipend support for Committee meetings require approval prior to the expenditure.


Board Meetings

Board meetings are generally held as follows and include the noted stipend support. The President can call a meeting at any time.


  1. Annual meeting held at Fire Rescue International
    1. Travel: Air or Mileage
    2. Hotel: 4 nights
    3. Per Diem: up to five days
  2. Board meeting held in conjunction with CFSI
    1. Travel:  Air or Mileage
    2. Hotel: 3 nights
    3. Per Diem: up to five days
  3. Conference Calls/Meetings 
    1. Travel:  Air or Mileage if applicable
    2. Hotel:   One night if applicable
    3. Per Diem:  up to five days, not applicable for conference calls


Other functions or meetings may require longer periods of lodging and per diem for Board member(s). Those related expenses are to be borne by the Great Lakes Division.


This document shall be reviewed by the Board annually at its first meeting following the annual meetingor as required for continuity of handling business matters of the GLD.



The Great Lakes Division will only take a position to endorse those candidates running for the elected offices, of the IAFC. Only candidates who have filed official papers (letter of intent and approval of his/her supervisor) with the IAFC Election Committee Liaison and approved by the IAFC Election Chair may campaign at a division event.


Candidates for these same elected offices will be given the opportunity to address the membership at the annual meeting, if such time is requested. It is the policy of the Board of Directors to endorse only one candidate for any office of the IAFC. The GLD Board may prepare a recommendation of candidate support for the membership to consider at the annual meeting.


If the membership of the GLD votes to endorse a candidate from the GLD, financial support will be granted up to $500.00, if requested, In the event that two or more candidates from GLD announce for the same office, financial support will only be granted if the membership endorses one of the candidates. If the membership endorses a candidate that is not a member the GLD, financial support will not be provided. The GLD will not endorse a candidate more than one year prior to the election. Consideration will be given if the candidate has received the endorsement of his/her home state. Consideration of endorsement for any person for any office of the IAFC will be added as an agenda item at the annual meeting. A copy of the agenda will be available for the members at the annual meeting.


This policy does not include those elective offices in the Sections of the IAFC. Any person running for an office in a Section will be provided free space in the Trumpet to state his/her position. Time will not be allocated for this person to address the Division or offered financial assistance.



The Great Lakes Division, Inc. (GLD) of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, Inc. (IAFC) will from time to time sponsor a hospitality room at which alcoholic beverages will be made available to invited guests.


Recognizing that GLD must provide for the comfort and safety of guests, the following will be adhered to at all times:

  1. A hospitality room will be provided only in conjunction with and as a part of a GLD/IAFC conference, seminar, or forum.
  2. The room will be available only to invited members of the GLD/IAFC and their guests.
  3. Before establishing the availability of a hospitality room at a function, the GLD Board of Directors (BOD) will specify times and dates for the room to be open.
  4. There will be a minimum of one member of the BOD present at all times in the hospitality room. This member will oversee any servers who may be assisting.
  5. No one under the age of 21 years will be allowed to attend without the presence of a parent.
  6. The hospitality room is for short-term social purposes only and consuming alcohol to the point of intoxication will be discouraged.
  7. Hospitality rooms are held in the hotel selected as the headquarters for the GLD. Every effort will be made to identify and discourage excessive alcohol consumption.
  8. All functions sponsored by the GLD will be smoke free.
  9. There will be absolutely no sale of alcoholic beverages by the GLD.



Dues and Membership in the Great Lakes Division shall be determined and established by the Division Bylaws.



Established and approved 11/09/99

Reviewed, amended and approved 4/24/12